When to Winterize Your Home’s Plumbing System


Unprepared winter season can cause untold damages to your plumbing system. It is always very important to prepare your plumbing system for the coming winter season. Freezing water causes pipes to burst, which can cause expensive repairs after winter. In addition, the burst pipes can go unnoticed for several weeks or months causing tremendous damage to the building. Thus, it is very important to winterize your home plumbing system.

When to winterize your home plumbing system

Many homes are winterized each year by handyman or owner. However, if not properly done, you may incur big repair bills. Thus, it is a very important to use a professional plumber. Winterizing your home is a two-step process.

Preparation before winter

  • Before winter season, you should look for a professional plumber to inspect your home. The plumber will identify areas that are likely to freeze. Areas that are more susceptible to freezing are those that are located in the unheated crawl space or exterior walls without good insulation. It is very important to look for other sources of water. If your plumbing system uses a pressure tank or a well pump, they should be drained. In addition, some hot water tanks and furnaces must be drained.
  • The plumber will insulate pipes in the uninsulatated areas before the fall of the freezing temperatures. He will seal crawl spaces with materials such as foam or cardboard. If you will not be around during winter, the plumber will set the thermostat.

During winter

  • The water will be turned off and the supply lines will be drained. Fixtures and faucets should be turned off.
  • Because water runs through other appliances such as dishwashers and washing machine, the water is drained. The plumber will inspect to determine if anti-freeze should be added.
  • The house should be heated to prevent freezing.

Should you hire professional service provider?

Winterizing your home plumbing system requires professional services. First, a professional plumber will identify areas that are likely to freeze. Another important reason you should look for a professional plumber is because winterizing home plumbing system requires use of complex materials and equipment such as the air compressor, RV anti-freezer, a pump and other equipment and expertise that will completely flush water out of the plumbing system. The plumber will come up with the best and most affordable way to preventing freezing and winterize your plumbing system. These two reasons coupled with the skills and expertise makes professional plumbers very valuable people who will save you from expensive repairs after winter.