Who Needs A Catch Basin On Their Property?


A catch basin is a drainage system that is installed on your property to lead storm water from your home. It is a great way to reduce property damage due to flooding and heavy rain.

How does a catch basin work?

A catch basin is just a drain line that is constructed in you yard. It connects water from your lawn and directs it to the local waterways. The catch basins can be constructed using concrete but are most often found at home improvement stores. The catch basin is installed at the lowest point of your property with an exit drain line sloping away from the basin, toward the local water ways or sewer system.

Benefits of installing a catch basin

  • The catch basin will protect you against loses due to floods.
  • Having a catch basin will keep your lawn healthy
  • It will eliminate foul orders from rotting lawn and stagnant water.
  • Removing standing water will eliminate the breed grounds for insects

Who needs a catch basin on their property? 

  • You probably need a catch basin if you often see standing water in your yard.
  • If you have a concrete or steel edging around your lawn that prevents water from running off a catch basin is the answer
  • You may want to install a catch basin if you have heavy runoff from your down spouts that runs off faster than it soaks into the ground
  • If the slope and lay out of your neighbors lawn causes heavy water to collect in your lawn a catch basin will help.
  • If your basement is wet, moldy or cracked, a catch basin will help dry things out.
  • A catch basin will help you if water collects in your garage after heavy rains.
  • If the grass in your lawn is so wet that it rots you may need a catch basin.

If you live in a place where there is a lot of stagnant water due to heavy rains, then installing the catch basin will be the best solution for you. It is through the catch basin where all water that will be collected from storm will be lead into the local waterways hence eliminating cases of floods in the homes. You can decide to install the line by yourself if you feel you have the skills. Hiring a professional plumber is recommend because they will have equipment to dig the trench and make sure the slope is correct.