What to Do When Your Basement Floods


A basement is considered flooded when there is at least 6 inches of standing water within it. Most commonly, basement flooding is caused by the following:

  • Burst pipes
  • Sudden downpours
  • A bounteous amount of snow
  • Leaky windows
  • A damaged foundation
  • The sudden removal of trees near the home
  • The flooding of nearby rivers, creeks, etc.

Water flows downhill and into the lowest areas possible. It is able to seep through even the most minute openings and cracks. Depending upon the region in which you live, and the age of your home, its foundation is more than likely either stacked concrete blocks or poured concrete. Overtime, homes will settle as well as shift, which can result in a compromised foundation. The flooding of your basement can be remedied. If not permitted to linger, the cost will not be too great.

What to Do: 

  • DO NOT wade through the water until the electricity has been shut off and it is known that there are no open circuits within the water
  1. Contact an electrician IMMEDIATELY in order to ensure that ALL circuits have been disconnected
  2. Do NOT stand in any amount of water with any electrical appliances in your possession
  • Once the electricity has been checked, contact a foundation or basement contractor
  • As you await the contractor, you will want to utilize either a wet vacuum or bucket in order to remove as much water as possible
  1. A flood cleanup crew can also be used for this. It will be an added cost, but they will be able to remove water much more efficiently than you. Also, they will be able to deliver preliminary assessments regarding damages and cleaning.
  • Fabric or carpeting will have to be removed and replaced.

Moreover, a flooded basement can be remedied, but it will take the employment of multiple specialists within their field. As stated previously, the sooner the issue is addressed, the less costly it will be to the homeowner. Also, once the basement has been remedied and restored, the chosen contractor can advise you as to how to prevent further flooding in the future. It would be in your best interest to protect your basement and its foundation against further flooding. It will not be expressly expensive since the contractor will already be working to repair your dampened basement.