What Is Involved in Performing a Main Drain Test


The main drain line takes out all the water from your home to the main sewer line. Should it get clogged up, you will experience a myriad of drainage problems that will definitely cost you money.

A main drain line can be damaged or broken when there is a build-up of matter within the pipe. It can also be damaged when tree roots get into the pipe and break it. Regardless of what causes the problem, a solution needs to be found as quickly as possible.

How do you know you have a main drain problem?

  • When your washing machine has problems getting rid of the water.
  • Your toilets have problems flushing.
  • When your sinks and tubs cannot seem to drain quickly and completely.
  • When there is a leakage in your basement or your grounds.

How to Perform a Main Drain Test

It is important to hire a plumbing contractor who knows how to perform a main drain test. This will ensure you get an accurate idea of where the problem is and the extent of the damage. The last thing you want is to pay for the replacement of a main drain when the problem would have been sorted by removing whatever was clogging the pipes. That would have been money wasted.

1. Using a locating device or just his eyes, your plumbing contractor will determine where the problem is afflicting your main drain.

2. Your plumber will then insert a camera and push it to the damaged or clogged section of your main line to determine the problem.

3. Sometimes, when the problem is hard to locate, a plumber will use the camera for each section of the pipe from your home to the major sewer lines outside your property until he finds the problem.

4. The contractor will write down a report that details the state of your main line, and what needs to be done as well as the estimated costs of doing so. You can then budget for either the repair of replacement of the main drain.

A main drain test is best done by a professional because he or she knows what to look out for quickly. Doing the test is a good financial move because it helps you address the actual problem with an accurate solution instead of a general one.