What Is Involved in Installing New Water main


Your waterman carries water from the city supply to your home. A new main in installed when you build a new home, when you remodel or maybe when your old one has to be replaced due to problems. Whatever the reason, the process is the same. Here is what’s involved.

  • You need to obtain relevant permits required for installation of a new water main. They may cost you a bit but they are necessary. Ensure that you get the permits before you begin the project.
  • Identify where your water main is located. You could use your internal basement pipes as reference.
  • A trench will be dug following the water main all the way from your home to where the damage is located. Be careful not to dig at pipes or wires for gas or electricity.
  • If you prefer you can choose to use trenchless pipe installation, which is a method of putting pipes under the ground without having to dig up your yard.
  • There are several types of pipe so make sure that you are using the correct type for the codes in your city. Plastic PVC pipes are popular. In some places, copper is better.
  •  The new pipes will be sealed, and then sand poured on top before putting the excavated soil back in.

Installing a new water main is not something you can do alone. Due to the digging, city codes and equipment and expertise needed you should hire a professional plumber.