New Water Line Installations


A water line is one of the most important features to a modern home design. When a home has reached the point for utility lines there are steps every homeowner must go through. Here is an overview of the process must cities will expect their residents to follow.

  1. Speak with the appropriate authorities to get the paperwork started. Every area has some sort of permit or city request to build the water line.


  1. Pay any fees that your city requires.


  1. Approach your fire department to get approval from the fire district.


  1. Request the city for a contract so that their professionals do the work.


  1. Provide all paperwork needed for a building plan. This includes the locations of city lines, fire hydrants, and curbs.


  1. Send forms stating you are ready for a pre-install inspection. This is so the site is ready for the work and meets all the city’s guidelines.


  1. If the site passes inspection, then the installation is scheduled with the city.


  1. The city installs the meter, the line, and whatever else the city requires.


  1. The line is treated with chlorine and a sample test is done to make sure it is safe to drink.


  1. If the sample passes the tests the line is declared fit for use.


  1. The lines are connected to the private line.

Because of the nature of the work and the all the channels that must be consulted; this isn’t a do it yourself job. Too many forms and regulations have to be met to have an operational line. Some cities will allow a homeowner to install the line themselves up to the public line. However the city still needs to make the connections on their side.

Almost all cities require that you connect to the public water service whether you use it or not. Even if you don’t use the water it is part of the building codes for many cities. Installing a water main line requires a lot of patience and preparation. Most local governments are very helpful in the instalment process, but be aware that heavy fees are attached to these services. It’s not a fast process.