What I do When I have a Main Water Breakage?


When it comes to homes and drainage systems in general, pipes usually tend to break due to a number of reasons. Some may be due to normal wear and tear and some due to work done around the home causing the breakage. In the event that this occurs, emergency repair services should be called to fix the problem as there’s other way around it.

Of course if you see a geyser coming out of the pipe or a whole in the ground you will know the pipe has burst. However some of the signs may not be easily seen to the naked eye and as that cause cannot be determined. If the break is not as obvious there may still be a leak. Thus there are some internal and external signs that should be checked on to know if the cause if main water line breaks.

Internal signs
• Loss of water pressure.
• Damp walls.
• Water seeping from below the floor area.
• Sudden peeled paint on the walls and around drainage pipes.

External signs
• Big water pools on the lawn and on the road in general.
• Leaking walls.

What to Expect

When an emergency happens and a main drain is broken, hiring the services of an expert is vital to find and fix the problem before it goes any further.

1. If you know how to turn off the water you should do this immediately, You should have a cut off valve on the outside of your home. Closing nearby valves going to the main is the first thing your plumber will do. You can help to stop damage to your home and lawn if you can do this while you wait for his arrival.

2 Next he will do an extensive investigation to the main pipes and planning of the best repair. Learning where the broken pipe is will allow him to determine the best repair method. If total replacement is needed then it is also determined in the inspection.

3. The necessary parts are then taken to repair and replace the broken main water pipes. If the necessary parts are not available at that time then they have to be ordered.

4. If the necessary parts are not available right away, heavy metal plates are placed on the main water drains so that no leakage can occur and cause accidents, which lead to emergencies.

5. After the repair takes place, recharging to regulate the water flow is done, this water pressure is regulated and normal water flow is ensured. The repair teams will advice on not opening the water pipes for up to 4-8 hours to ensure it is regulated.

When it comes to repairing main drainpipes, contacting a professional is the only way to handle and to fix it. This is because it is much harder to fix a main drain than other smaller pipes. You will probably have to have your line inspected by the water supplier before turning the water back on. Your professional will have the knowledge to make sure this is done right the first time.