Water Heater Replacement Cost


A water heater is a unit that you will use in your home with out even thinking its there. As you shower, wash clothes and dishes, you are depending on your water heater to work correctly.

Job cost structure

The cost of replacing a water heater will involve the cost of purchasing a new water heater, dismantling the already installed heater and installing a new one in the position.

Because there are many brands and types of water heaters available the cost can vary from $200 all the way to $3000. There are some places where you will have to spend more money due to high labor costs. If you feel comfortable enough with some basic plumbing, you may prefer replacing it by yourself, then you will end up paying less.

Gas- 500-2700

Tank less-on demand 350-1030

Elect 170-1000

Solar 200-3000

Parts cost

Do it yourself cost

  • The cost of doing it yourself will involve the cost of buying the heater and other accessories that you will use in installing the heater. A new gas water heater can cost anywhere from $500 to $2,700. This of course depends on how large the tank is and where you buy the heater.
  • An electric water heater is the most economical to purchase in the price range of $170 to $1000. Again this depends on the brand, where you purchase and the size of the unit.
  • A solar heater is the most expensive, costing you from $200 to $3000. However you should also consider that the saving on your electric or gas bill can make up the difference after awhile.
  • The most popular type of water heater today is the tank less water heater, sometimes called an on-demand heater. This heater does not have a tank but heats the water, as you need it. This type of heater usually cost from $300 to $1000 and is very economical to operate, as it does not have to hold the heat in a tank, but just warms as its needed.

Benefits of hiring a professional plumber

You may feel that the cost of hiring a professional plumber is a bit high, but you will benefit in several ways. Your water heater will be installed in a professional way. You will also access a warranty after the services. And you will have the confidence that it is done correctly.

What to watch out for

For you to enjoy the best services you should ensure you are hiring the right professional plumbers. You will easily know whether you are about to hire the best professional plumbers by getting references from past costumers, and making sure they are licensed

You should also ensure you have bought the best brand of the water heater, by doing research before purchasing.

There are many brands of water heaters available hence it is your duty to try and select the best brand that will enable you save on power bills as well as enjoying long service with the heater.