Common Water Heater Problems and Solutions


There are different types of water heaters that can be installed in a home. There is an electric water heater that makes use of electrical power to run, and a gas powered water heater. This makes use of natural gas to burn hence heat the water in a tank. Due to a fault in the supply of water or power, you may end up with a water heater in your home that is not working well. It can really inconvenience you, especially if it fails during cold seasons of the year. In such a case you should look for an expert to fix it or fix it by yourself if you have some ideas on how to go about it.

Signs your water heater is failing

  1. There is no hot water coming out of the heater

This can be caused by blockage of the pipes that supply the water to the heater. Due to deposition of different deposits in the pipes you may experience this problem. It is a common problem in places where your water main contains a lot of sediments.

  1. Water leaks out of your water heater system

Due to corrosion of the tank or the long service that it has offered you, you may experience water leaking out of the water heater tank. This needs to be fixed because it can lead to wasting a lot of waster.

  1. Only cold water comes out of the heater

Sometimes you may fail to access hot water in your home even if you have switched on the water heater. In such a case the heating filaments in the water heater may have broken hence they fail to heat the water.

  1. Noise coming out of the heater

This can be caused by disposition of sediments in the heater tank

What to expect from a plumber

After you contact a plumber, he will first take time and diagnose the problem. Some of the common solutions that he will offer include the following:

  1. Fix temperature problems

In case the water heater fails to heat the water, the plumber can open it and replace the heating filaments.

  1. Repairing the leaks

If your water heater tank is leaking, the plumber will have to fix the leaks or even replace the entire tank, depending on what is causing the problem

  1. Check on the noise produced

The plumber can open the water heater tank and remove sediments that may have formed. This will lead you to having a heater that run without producing noise.

No matter which way you choose to heat your water you won’t regret your decision you will need to buy a heater, install or pay someone to install it. You should be able to take long, hot baths for many years to come.