Water Filter Installation

Install Water Filter System

More and more people are planning to install water filter system at their home these days due to increasing consciousness about the deteriorating purity and taste of the tap water. The hygienic problem in water is detected not only in municipal water but in ground water also. Therefore installing a water filtration system in your kitchen is considered to be the only solution to get hygienically pure water at least for drinking and cooking purposes.

Things involved in installing a water filter system

The basic things required to install water filter system are a good quality water filter and installation tools like adjustable wrench, Teflon tape, tube cutter, slip joint push fittings extension ladder and a bucket etc. But before buying a water filter system you should evaluate your requirement of filtered water, whether you need it only for drinking and cooking purpose or for shower also. Main purpose of installing a water filter is to remove even the minute sediments and dirt along with hard minerals that may affect your laundry work along with plumbing fixtures if not removed from it.

Choosing the water filter system

After deciding about your need of filtered water now is the time to buy a suitable water filter system. If you want to filter the complete water supply of your house then you should choose a filter that can remove the widest range of contaminants from it. If you want to disinfect your drinking water more precisely then you can install water filter system in your kitchen also so that you can get the purest water to drink and cook food.


Availability of different types, sizes and designs of water filters can confuse you while choosing one for your home. In order to find the best water filter you should spend some time on researching about it. You can find a number of online commercial sites dealing in water filters and the sites of their manufacturers to find a suitable one.


How to install the water filter system?

Installing a water filter system is a stepwise process as given here under.

First of all you should wrap Teflon tape around the treads of the pipefitting and screw it tightly into the head cap with adjustable wrench. Turn off the water supply to install the water filter at a suitable location so that safe connection can be made between pipe and water filter. Now use the tube cutter to cut a section of pipe and insert the push fitting into the pipe on one side of the water filter. Now take a 3-4-inch piece of pipe and push it in to one of the slip joint fittings and cut the other end of the pipe after measuring it approximately. Then push the slip joint into the pipe to its maximum and slide the fitting on the other pipe with short tube that has to go 1 inch deep into the assembled push fitting. Now install the filter within the container and fasten the copper jumper wires into the electrical socket and turn on the water supply. Your water filter system is installed.

Thus you can install water filter system in your home to drink healthy and hygienic water after taking some careful steps discussed above in this write up.