Why is Water Coming out of my Basement Drain?


A wet basement is a horrible sight for any homeowner. Water is a straightforward threat to one’s possessions, something no one likes to come across! In order to protect your house from such hazards or calamities you should have the knowledge that will help to recognize, identify, and combat water issues.

Causes of Water Bursts

  • Leakage is a common way through which the water can drain in any part of a house. This is one of the costliest drainage problems as leakage occurs through pipes embedded in the house that are not visible for instant repair.
  • Another possibility is that the surface water is seeping into your basement, basically due to a poor drainage system; it could be that the gutters or downspouts around the house are clogged and the water is forced to drain out and flood your basement. In this case, the owners can spot water coming out of a specific spot outside and make sure that the ground around the house is sloped away from the house and correct the issue.
  • Hydrostatic pressure also results in water leakage from cracks and holes; this pressure is created due to rise in ground water levels. Mainly because as the water level of the soil raises up to the basement floor level, it tries to find a way to drain out and ultimately damage your basement.
  • Often, due to heavy rains drainage systems come across a sewage back-up, this is a condition where excess in water pressure forces the sewage to seep out into basements and other lower areas. Sewage backup can lead to disastrous condition of your basement, if floor drains in your house are connected with a system that combines storm water and raw sewage, with sewage components from all around landing in the basement. However, a good decision of having placed a perimeter drain could ease the problem.

A threat of water damage, forces owners to struggle through the dilemma of finding solutions. Moreover, owners often rely upon the options of getting the house painted with waterproofing agents; though this does not bring the problem to an end it helps in some way to evade damage. But it is important to realize the fact that some drainage problems require a plumber’s hand and others need extra care. In situations when you are unable to locate cause and fix it, seeking professional help would save both your possessions and your health!