Types of Whirlpools


Whirlpool tubs have become common in homes nowadays. This is due to the great benefits that homeowners are able to enjoy while taking baths in them. The water ejected at high velocity in the whirlpools enables homeowners to achieve great massages while taking their bathes. In order to ensure you buy the right whirlpool for your home check the design of the whirlpool for safety. If you have children in your home, you will want to see if they are able to get into the whirlpool and get out of it safely.

Common Types of Whirlpools

  1. Water-Jet

In this type of whirlpool, water will be drawn into a pump after which it is released at a high pressure to the sides of the tub. They tend to have less splashing and noise as compared to air-jet tubs. They are suitable for those who like to enjoy vigorous and concentrated massages In this type of whirlpool you will not be able to use bath salts or oils because they can coagulate and block the pumping system hence spoiling the whirlpool pump.

  1. Air-Jet

These are best for those who will like to enjoy subtler and an enveloping massages. In this type whirls are formed through several holes available at the wall of the bathtub hence forming the whirlpools. In these models you can make use of bath salts or oils. This is simply because water does not come into contact with the pump. They splash more and make more noise as compared to water jet types.

  1. Combination Air/Water

These are whirlpools that will allow you either run water jet type of air type whirlpools. They will allow you enjoy both the benefit of an air-jet type or a water-jet type. In some cases you can even decide to run both the water-jet and air-jet. They tend to cost more and can lead to more energy bills when their pumps run together during a bath.

In order to choose the best, you should consider factors such as the noise caused and the energy and the economy. If you would like a model that is silent, then you will have to go for the water-jet type. If you would like a model that will allow you to make use of bath salts and oils, then the best to go for is an air-jet type. And always be sure you get a reputable plumber to install your new whirlpool.