Types of Water Heaters


One of the most important appliances in your home is the water heater. Without it the everyday comforts of life, such as a hot shower, would be considered luxuries. From standard efficiency heaters, which are gas-fire powered, to high efficiency which are powered by electricity, there are several options on the market today. Lets take a moment discuss the different types of water heaters available to you.

Standard Efficiency

Standard efficiency water heaters are gas powered. They offer 2.5 to 5 cm of insulation. The gas burner is situated in the combustion chamber at the very bottom of your tank, where the pilot light ignites your main burner. The air for combustion comes through the vents at the bottom of the water heater’s chamber. A valve and thermostat unit controls the water’s temperature as well as the gas flow.

High Efficiency

High efficiency water heaters are powered by electricity. In comparison to the standard, they offer much better insulation, heat exchangers as well as heat traps in order to reduce any heat loss. There are two kinds of high-efficiency water heaters: Direct-vent, also referred to as sealed combustion, heaters intake and exhaust from the outside of your home, rather than the inside. These models are also very safe; no need to be concerned about any potential backdraft. One downside to high efficiency is that it requires a larger up-front investment.

Tank less

Tank less systems can be powered either gas or electricity and it heats water as you need it instead of on a continuous basis. This water heater uses powerful heat exchangers in order to raise the temperature. Thankless systems come in two forms –point-of-use and whole house. Point-of-use systems only heat water for a couple of outlets. Whole-house systems operate several outlets. Thankless water heaters last up to 10 years longer than the tanks and take up less space. They can be your home’s only source of water heat, or you can add them to your traditional heating system. One downside of the tank less water heater is that, just like the high efficiency, it requires a large up-front investment.

Water heaters are often taken for granted, but they are essential to our everyday lives. Visit your local hardware store and ask about the type that best suit your particular needs and preferences. Though many prefer to hire a trained professional, installation can be easy if you have the proper tools and an extensive knowledge of basic home repair.