Types of Kitchens


No matter how expensive the countertop material or how beautiful the cabinets are, a kitchen without the appropriate layout is simply useless. A well-designed kitchen is designed to allow a smooth work flow. This work flow is based on the principle of a work triangle. The work triangle involves placing the major appliances, like the sink, refrigerator and stove, in points that form a triangular shape. This allows you to use the space in an easy manner. There are different types of kitchen layouts to choose from depending on the kitchen space.


  • An L-shaped design provides more counter space, while still leaving ample room for an island or table. The cabinets are situated against two adjacent walls to form the L design. This will naturally create a work triangle with major kitchen appliances on each L-shape line and other appliances next to the corner.


  • In U-shaped kitchens, the cook is surrounded by the counter space. It is used in both smaller and spacious kitchens. It also offers maximum storage space. For smaller kitchens, the design keeps workstations compact and functional. People with a larger kitchen space can integrate many workstations in to the layout.


  • The G-shaped kitchen is similar to the U-shaped design but adds a partial fourth cabinet wall off the U. The major function of the fourth wall is to visually separate the kitchen space from the living area. Create extra space in a cramped kitchen by eliminating a wall. This layout can add a nice breakfast bar to the ample counter and storage space usually associated with U-shaped kitchens.


  • A galley design can work best in small kitchens. This is a corridor design where cabinets line on both sides of the kitchen walls. The galley kitchen is designed for easy food preparation. Consider adding some light strips underneath the cabinets to illuminate the space.

Single-Line Kitchen

  • Suitable for smaller kitchens, the single-line design has cabinets against only a single wall. Counter space can be maximized by placing an over-range microwave in the upper cabinets.

Which is the best

U-Shaped kitchen is the best type because it can be used on both small and large kitchens. Moreover, it offers ample counter and storage space.

When a variety of kitchen appliances are crumpled together in a smaller space, cooking can be a daunting task. A good kitchen design will effectively use the available space, turning this daunting task into a more pleasurable experience. These kitchen designs require high level expertise and so should be left to professional contractors.