Types of Kitchen Faucets


There are different types of faucets available in the market, this makes it necessary for you to take time and choose the best that will serve you well. You will do well to take some time and consider what’s best for you before you purchase anything.

Common Types of Kitchen Faucets

  • Faucets with Side Spray

Faucets with side sprays are cheaper as compared to pull down and pull out faucets. They enable you to achieve both classic and vintage look in your kitchen. They require kitchen counter top that has more than one hole for them to be installed.

  • Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

This makes the most popular kitchen faucet type in the market. They have a single lever control that controls both the water flow and temperature. They can come in low spout or longneck spout. They can be installed in the kitchen by making a single hole in the kitchen countertop. Due to this factor, they are also referred to as single hole kitchen faucets.

  • Pull down Kitchen Faucets

In this type of faucets, you can pull down the spray wand to access water. In this type of faucet you will avoid lots of water being splashed in the kitchen because you can pull the wand till it is in contact with whatever you are washing, as it will deliver water directly to the surfaces being washed.

  • Pull out Kitchen Faucets

In this kitchen faucet you can easily pull out the wand towards you in the kitchen. It is ideal for filling large water containers in the kitchen. In case you live in a place where you experience frequent water shortages, you can decide to install this type of faucet so that you can easily fill larger containers for water storage purposes. This type of faucet is also good if you good in very large pots and need to put the put under the faucet for filling with water.

  • Two Handle Kitchen Faucet with Centerset

In this type of kitchen faucets you will have separate temperature and water controls. They have great looks, which will improve the appearance of your kitchen. In order to control on and off of water flow, they are sold together with ceramic disc cartridges. They are always installed in a kitchen directly above the sink tops.

In order to decide on the best kitchen faucets, you should take into consideration the design of your kitchen and the cost of the faucet before you decide on a given type. You can also contact a professional plumber for advice before buying one.