Types of Bathroom Faucets


The type of bathroom faucets that you choose to install in your bathroom can add a unique and beautiful look and feel to your bathroom. There are so many different designs, finishes and features nowadays and they will enable you to style up and personalize your bathroom space. However, you should keep into consideration the size of your bathroom sink, as some faucets may not fit your bathroom sink. In cases where you find a must have faucet that doesn’t fit your sink, you can always choose to install a new sink if your finances allow you to do so. Before choosing the faucet that you want you should also consider features of the faucets. This enables you to choose the faucet that satisfies your needs. Bathroom faucets made nowadays are quite impressive; they are made to with special options for water conservation, interactivity and convenience.

Types of Bathroom Faucets

  • Center-set faucet–These faucets usually have double-handle controls and the spout and handles are in one unit. These faucets are designed to be installed in sinks with three pre-drilled holes in the sink deck and the two outside wholes should be drilled 4 inches from the center whole. However, there are some center-set faucets that are designed to require one hole only.
  • Wall-mount faucet–These faucets are designed to attach to the wall instead of the sink’s deck or counter top. Before purchasing a wall-mount faucet one should ensure that it compatible with your sink so as to prevent excessive splashing, which is really inconvenient.
  • Single-handle faucets–These faucets have one spout and one handle. This one handle controls the flow of both hot and cold water. Installation of these faucets only requires the one predrilled hole in the sink deck. Nowadays, there are even single-handle faucets that can be controlled without touching the handle.
  • Spread-fit faucets–These faucets are designed to have a separate spout and handle. The spout and the handle can be positioned to your liking from a distance between 4 to 10 inches apart. Spread fit faucets are quite unique.

The center-set faucet is the best faucet in terms of its convenience. Center-set faucets are highly recommended because they have two handles making control of water temperature more precise than one-handle faucets. It is also not that hard to install, as holes need to be drilled in the sink deck and not the wall.

Bathroom faucets are an important asset to a bathroom. They improve the appearance and style of your bathroom while at the same time bringing convenience in terms of controlling your water temperature. The can easily be found in your nearby hardware stores. Installation of faucets is not complicated and you can do it yourself but it is recommended that you should use a trusted contractor to do this so as to prevent future problems.