Types of Basement Flooding


The basement is the lowest floor in your home and is most likely to be affected by floods and moisture. You should also check the drainage system outside your house and make sure it is slopping way from your house. This is necessary to avoid heavy rains or snow melt causing an increase water flow into your house. Here are the common types of basement flooding:

  1. Seepage.

Water can seep into your basement due to a rise in the water level. This will be more evident during wet seasons. The condition will also worsen if you have cracks in your basement floor. In order to ensure you are protected against this type of flooding, you should have the basement floor is covered with water proofing materials.

  1. Basement flooding due to drainage failure.

The drainage of the surrounding area of your house may fail. This will in return direct water into your home where it will end up flooding your basement. In order to avoid this type of flooding you should always make sure the ground outside your home is slopping away towards the local water ways. You should dig trenches that will connect water from melting snow outside your house or rain water into the local water ways. Sometimes leaves and debris can block the drainage system. Make sure the drainage system is clear of debris around your home so that you can eliminate possible flooding.

  1. Overland flooding.

If the level of your basement is below the surrounding area, then there are high chances that water will flow into your house and flood the basement. You can easily avoid this by ensuring that the surrounding area is maintained with barriers of some sort below your basement and always make sure the sump pump is working.

  1. Flooding due to water supply-line break.

The water supply lines in your home may fail, which means there will be spilling water in your basement. In order to avoid this you should fix the problem as soon as it manifests itself.

No matter what is causing your basement to be wet, it is an inconvenience and needs to be addresses before the water can do damage to your foundation and walls. A professional plumber can check the causes of your wet basement and advise you on the best way to correct the problem.