Trouble-Shooting a Water Well


If you live too far from the city to access its water supply, you probably have a water well that uses a pump to lead water into your home. If you wake up one day to find that your water keeps going off and on or, worse yet, seems to be completely shut off, your first reaction will likely be to call a plumber.

However, this might be a case of jumping the gun. There are a few things you should look into before calling a plumber, as you may find that you can correct the problems with your water supply on your own.

Firstly, check your breaker box. After all, your water pump will not work properly without electricity. If lack of power is the culprit, you might be able to reset the fuse box yourself. At the very least, you will avoid calling a plumber regarding a problem that he or she can’t even solve for you.

The second thing you should inspect is the control box. Sometimes the control box lid is not on correctly, which can cause interruptions in the electrical supply. Ensuring that the lid is in its proper place can resolve the issues with your water supply.

The next time you encounter problems with your water well, check these things first. Doing so may save you the time and money involved in calling a plumber.