Trenchless water main installation: cost


A water main is a line that will carry clean water from the treatment plants to your home. Trenchless water main installation involves installing the lines without digging trenches. You can decide to install the water main by yourself if you have some knowledge on how to carry out the services. When installing the water main you will be required to use specialized equipment. This will require you to rent the equipment. You will also have to buy the plumbing materials including the pipes and valves to control the flow of the water.

Job Structure

When installing a water main line, you will have to part with $2100. This is if you will be hiring a professional plumber crew. The cost will be divided into buying materials and the other will cater for the labor work that will be carried out in laying the pipes. In case you live far away from where the water supply line to your residential area is located, then you will have to pay more for the materials as well as labor cost because the experts will be required to lay long lines before they can connect your home to the water supply.


When doing the work yourself you will pay less. For instance, you can end up spending up to $500. This will be used to buy the materials used in the water main line installation. In case you live far away from where the main water supply line of your residential area is located, you will also have to incur more costs because you will have to buy more materials.

Hiring a Professional Plumber

When hiring a plumber you should take your time and decide on the one who has enough experience. You should also compare the rates of the services in different plumbers before you decide on one.

What to watch out for…

  • You should ensure you make use of durable materials in laying the main water line.
  • You should also consider hiring a professional plumber because he will save you on time as well as offering you the best services.
  • Some plumbers will offer great discounts after you bargain, if possible you should try to bargain before you decide on a given professional plumber.