Trenchless Pipe Repair


Trenchless or relining is the most cost-effective and fastest way to repair a damaged sewer or water pipe, and causes the least disruption. It is an extremely clean method of replacing an old pipe with a new one with the same or larger inner diameter. Also, it is considered to be the most financially and environmentally favorable solution.

It provides less damage to landscaping, driveways and concrete patios. Normal sewer repair involves removing old and damaged pipes and substituting them with new pipes, on the other hand, trenchless water pipe repairs avoid that cumbersome procedure by threading a completely new pipe through an existing one. This process is known as “relining”. This type of pipe lining is water tight, flexible, and allows water to move properly through all the damaged pipes.

Here is a guide on trenchless technology water pipe repairs and what’s involved.

  • No Digging: This process is just as effective and prompt as direct replacement. Trenchless water pipe repair requires no digging as compared to the traditional pipe repair. Since there is no digging involved in the complete process, your yard stays in tact and you can enjoy its current condition.
  • Insert Replacement Pipe: The second step is to detach the plumbing from where it enters the pipe line and then replace the pipe that needs to be inserted inside the current line pipe. The technique involves a very flexible tube being fixed into the damaged pipe.
  • Inflate The Tube: The tube is then inflated and after a certain period of time, the resin coat on the tube hardens. This in turn creates a pipe within the original pipe, which means that the old pipe does not even have to be removed. While the new pipe is a little smaller than the old one, it does not affect the pipe’s performance.
  • Pipe Bursting Method: This is another way of repairing a damaged pipe using trenchless technology. With this method, a new pipe is pulled through the old one, bursting the old damaged one from within.
  • Dig Access Holes: The next step is to dig access hole on both sides. The cone attached to the end of the new pipe is used to push the old one out.
  • Refill Patches: Once the replacement process is completed, the excavated patches of land needs to be refilled or repaired. It is also imperative that the complete trench-pass process is performed only by an experienced and dependable plumber. Doing so can save you a lot of money, time, frustration and inconvenience. Thanks to trenchless water pipe repair technology, a task that used to be very expensive and intrusive can now be performed promptly and at affordable rates. The most significant benefit of this technology is that the damaged pipe can be replaced with a sounder pipe, made of strong resins. However, it requires proper maintenance and needs to be kept free from debris. So opt for trenchless technology and let your water pipes flow freely for years to come.