Trenchless drain pipe installation: cost


Trenchless drain pipe is a drain pipe that is laid in the ground without digging the trench. This is a technology that is preferred nowadays because it is cheaper when compared to the traditional method that involved a lot of digging. You can decide to lay the trenchless drain pipe yourself or hire an expert. When laying the trenchless drain pipe, you should ensure that it is slopping towards the sewerage system. This is necessary to prevent back-flow of the waste water into your house.

Job Structure

In average you will pay an expert about $1500 for laying the pipe. The price will fluctuate depending on where you buy the materials and the company that you will contract. There are some companies which can end up charging you extra charges because the trenchless drain pipe that you are laying is longer than a specified length. In order to ensure you enjoy long services of the pipe, the plumbers will lay a pipe that is made out of durable materials which will stand up to exposure and environmental conditions.

Do-it-Yourself Cost

When doing the job by yourself you will only have to buy the pipes which you will be laying and the connecting materials. The cost will depend on the extent of the pipes which you will like to lay for the purpose of forming your trenchless drain system. In average the cost of doing it yourself can range from $200 to $500.

Hiring a Professional Plumber

You will achieve the best after you decide to hire a professional plumber, this will be seen where the plumber will utilise his wide experience to lay the pipes in a professional way. You will also access a warranty which will help you in case the pipes which will be laid will lead you into complications.

What to watch out for…

  1. Check on the reputation of the company before hiring them.

In order to achieve the best services, you should always work with plumbers who offer great services. Do your own research before you decide to hire a given plumber.

  1. Know the market price of the services before you hire a professional plumber.

This is helpful in many ways. For example, you will know whether the plumber is exploiting you or not. You will also be able to bargain reasonably.