How Much Does it Cost to Remove Roots from Drain Pipe?


Aside from water pipes in all homes, drain pipes are also connected and these are primarily required as they dispose of any used water from the houses to the sewers. Majority of the drain pipes are built on the underground parts of the house and thus run under the building for easier channeling.

Complications in Drain Pipes

Drain pipes can however, not always be one hundred percent functional as they do develop several types of complications. These complications include:

  • Anything that can accumulate over time like dirt, minerals, hair, and foreign objects will cause clogs. These clogs will cause problems in the drain system.
  • Tree roots reaching as further deep underground to the drain pipes and this is very obstructive. The tree roots are looking for room to continue their growth further deeper and the drain pipes will then undergo a process of breakage as the roots channel into the pipes and then through them.

How to Unclog your Drain Pipes

Unclogging a drain can be a do-it-yourself project, but calling a plumber is best for severe clogs. The following steps are used to unclog a drain pipe:

1. Find the location of the complication on the drain pipes and for drain pipes the complication may be fully extended and it is best to realize the extent in order to know how to repair it.

2. Analyse and acknowledge the cause of the drain pipe complication whether it is a tree clog or dirt clog. You this will enable you to realize what kind of repair is needed.

3. Check out the variety of cost guides on drain pipes repairs at your location and realize the one closes to your budget as well as fulfill your current requirements.

The Cost of Unclogging your Drain Pipes.

The cost varies in terms of the following factors:

  • The severity of the damage.
  • The company’s value of experience and the services they provide.
  • The time taken to unclog your drain pipe.

The estimated rate varies from $1500 to $ 100.