Touchless Faucets: Are They Worth it?


If you like comfort and precision, then Touchless faucets may be the best components for you. These faucets act as aerators hence providing one of the best water flows which are both smooth and non turbulent. This reduces the amount of water that is splashed on the ground when the sink is used. You can purchase Touchless faucets for both the bathroom and the kitchen. However there are several things to consider before you decide that the convenience is worth the cost.


  • The faucet has sensors that depend on batteries. Although the faucet will work like a regular faucet if the batteries die, you will need to keep lots of batteries on hand if you want to use the faucet in the way it was intended.
  • Because these faucets are installed in a special way you will need to pay a plumber to do the installation. This will cost money that you might be able to save if you have the skills to install a regular faucet yourself. If not installed correctly they are very likely to leak
  • The water temperature is always warm. You cannot adjust the water, like you do with a regular faucet, so you will not get hot or cold water.


  • These faucets save lots of water because no one will leave them running. This will save you money on your water payment and is better for the environment.
  • Touchless faucets are great for handicapped or elderly people. Those with arthritis or other issues that keep them from using their hands well can still use these faucets alone.
  • Because no one touches the faucet they are very good at inhibiting spreading of germs. This is especially good in the bathroom where dirty hands touch the faucet before they are washed.

The cost of Touchless faucets is more than a tradional faucet, however the price is staring to drop as they become more popular. Whether the faucets are a good choice for you depends on the needs of your family. If you decide to go with touch less, be sur to compare prices and features as they are constantly improving.