Toronto Back Water Valve Subsidy


The backwater valve is a part of your plumbing system which helps to prevent overflowing of sewer waste in your homes. This eliminates the possibility of basement flooding and therefore maintains home tidiness. This is important because Toronto receives heavy rains which bring about flooding. This may result to losses because the water and sewage can be destructive to home property, which may result to enormous losses. However installation of the system is very expensive. This has made the Toronto government launch a program, which helps families afford it with ease.

The Backwater Valve Subsidy Program in the city of Toronto is aimed at improving the underground pipes, catch basins, and sewers so that basement flooding will be minimized.
Those home owners, who qualify, can get up to 80% of their purchase price with maximum amount of$1,250 for every property you own.

Do I qualify to get the subsidy?

The Backwater Valve Subsidy Program is available to Toronto homeowners who meet the following criteria:

  • Your home must be registered with the city of Toronto as a residence.You home was constructed prior to January 1, 2009.
  • Any areas that are paved in your front yard must comply with city zoning.
  • You must hire a Plumbing Contractor that is licensed by the City of Toronto
  • Downspouts from your roof cannot not be connected to the sewer system.You may collect a maximum of 89% of the invoice up to $1,550 for the drain disconnection.

How can I get the subsidy?

  • You must buy or place sump pumps or back water valves. If you need a second pump you can apply that cost towards the subsidy also.  You can also include the cost of backup power and an alarm for the valve and pump, These can be considered for a reimbursement of 80% of the cost up to $1750.00
  • Your contractor must have a  business license with a 9 digit license number beginning with the following: T94, T92, T87, T85.
  • You or your plumber must obtain a permit from the city.
  • You need to request an inspection after installation.
  • Mail in an application with the original invoices.

How Backwater Valves Work

  • The device has valves that allow water and sewage to move in one direction. The backwater valve allows sewage and water to move out but it cannot move back.
  • Protects homes from flooding-this is because the system has a one way tunnel. Therefore sewage and water moves progressively away from the homes and this make people to be secure from their property destruction. The subsidy program is importance because water destruction claims have been increasingly on the rise.
  • The device is installed with subsidies-this is because the device is very costly to install and therefore the subsidies helps home users to afford it. Municipalities offer these subsidies for installation in Toronto to make homes safer.
  • They are easy devices to operate-once you are trained how to use this device, the ease of operation should not be a worry because they are very cheap to use.
  • They have tight seals-this is because they allow sewage and water to flow out and they close instantly and therefore there will be no backflow

The device is important in homes because it prevents basement flooding when it rains. If you live in a flood prone area you are strongly recommended to install a backwater valve.