How much does it cost does it cost to unclog a toilet?


Toilet clogs are really messy and can damage flooring and plumbing pipes leading to costly repairs. Toilet clogs seem to happen at the most inopportune moments and there are numerous reasons why toilets clog. Toilet clogging is quite expensive to deal with if a plumber is involved. Plumbers usually work at an hourly rate which may be really expensive if the clog is serious. Fortunately, most clogs can be unclogged without the need of a plumber.

Reasons a Toilet can get Clogged.

1. Clogged drain line: There only two things that can be flushed down the toilet i.e. human waste and toilet paper. Flushing objects other than these two things down the toilet may cause build-up which will eventually clog the toilet.

2. Use of low flow toilets: a toilet could also clog if too much is being asked of it. Even too much toilet paper could cause clogging in a low flow toilet. Low flow toilets have a small capacity therefore only so much water and waste can flow through it at a time, a larger volume would bring about clogging of the toilet.

These problems could be avoided by proper flushing which is done by flushing only as much toilet paper as is necessary. The problem can also be avoided by keeping the toilet tanks clear and by addressing weak or slow drains.

Clearing of Toilet Clogs

Serious toilet clogs need the plumber’s attention. Toilets are unclogged by the use of a plunger. The plumber plunges the toilet using a toilet plunge and the rubber flange, which is pulled out in order to get a better seal. The plumber should always have rubber gloves on while plunging the toilet. The plumber should protect the floor by the use of newspapers and paper towels in case of overflow in the toilet. This minimizes the potential damage and makes clean up easier after unclogging the toilet. The plumber will push the plunger in an out vigorously, keeping just enough water inside the bowl to help cover the plunger. This will unclog the toilet. Sometimes the plumber just pours half a bucket of hot water (not boiling) and dish soap. If the clog is not that serious the toilet will on its own. Plumbers charge at an hourly rate of a flat rate fee of $45-$150 an hour. Some may offer a rough estimate over the phone as many will want to see the project before giving an exact quote.

You should always watch out for slow or weak flows and address them immediately to avoid clogging. Toilet clogging is a problem that should be taken care of without calling a contractor. In the case of a serious case of clogging, contact plumbers by looking them up on online business directories and calling one from your location.