Overflowing or Backing Up Toilet? Here’s why…


Toilet back up is one of the most daunting situations usually experienced by people in their home, as well as commercial establishments. A back up occurs when debris or solid waste blocks the drainage system of the building causing slow or no movement in drain water.

Causes of back up in toilet:

  • A complete or partial blockage in waste or drainpipe can be one of the main causes of back up in toilets.
  • If a gurgling sound is heard after flushing toilet in the sink drain then a partial blockage in vent pipe can be its main cause
  • Improper venting of the toilet is another potential reason of back up.
  • Installation of a low profile toilet can also cause a back up in the toilet because of the low-pressure water required to clear out the toilet properly.

How to fix back up in toilet 

  • Back up in toilet can be cleared out through various methods:
  • Plunge the toilet by closing or blocking the tub drain. Pressure towards blockage can be increased by blocking tub drain.
  • A toilet auger can be used to clear the blockage if plunger is not effective. Push the auger into the toilet bowl until the resistance is cleared out. You can make its head work through the obstruction by using crank handle
  • If the toilet auger does not encounter any resistance even after extending fully then you should find a cleaning out fitting as a blockage can be under the toilet or at the point where the sewer connects with waste stack. You should put on gloves and put a bucket under fitting before unscrewing the cap under the toilet. The water can spill out if the blockage is below the fitting. Now you can use toilet auger one by one on both the sides of the fitting to clear out the blockage.

To accomplish this job you can either do it yourself, if you know how to do it and have all the tools required, or hire a professional for this purpose.

How to prevent back up in toilet in future? 

In order to prevent back up in toilet one has to be very careful while flushing out things in the toilet pipeline. Blockages are caused in the toilet or kitchen pipeline due to the disposal of mom-biodegradable products through them. The drain lines connecting your sanitary system to the municipal sewerage have very limited capacity to dispose of water, human waste and toilet paper only.

You can prevent back up in toilet by avoiding flushing the following things:

  • Medicines and other pharmaceutical products
  • Oils grease and fats
  • Clothing and rags
  • Disinfectant baby wipes and diapers
  • Paper towels and napkins
  • Tampons, sanitary napkins and other non-organic products
  • Plastic articles
  • Contact lenses
  • Hair

Thus toilet back up can be cleared out and prevented to happen in future if the homeowner is careful in flushing the things through it as the system is made to take water, human waste and toilet paper only.