The Cost Of installing New Shower Drain


Installing a new shower drain is the best way to update your bathroom. The bathroom is the one of the rooms that can determine the resale value of your home. The fact that you use your bathroom at least once every day gives you a reason to renovate or install new drains. Unlike shower/tub combos, shower drains are preferred because they are more versatile- they can perfectly fit in a large or small space and can withstand any type of water. A proper installed drain will protect your home from damages.

The Cost of Installing New Shower Drain

The cost of installing a new shower drain varies from location to location. The cost will also vary according to the labor requirements. However, the average cost ranges from $197.83 to $216.50. The cost will also depend on:

  • The type of material used- while there are many types of material available for installing a shower drain, the cost will depend on the type of material that you choose.
  • Project size- if the project is large, you should expect to pay more. If there is demolition that is required, you are likely to spend $65 -$80 more. Demolition cost will also be more depending on the work that requires to be done.

The cost will also depend on the home renovation company that you will use. When looking for a plumber, it is important to check the cost of installing a new bathroom drain. Nevertheless, cost should not be solely used to determine the plumber you will hire; a company with high price does not necessary mean that they offer the best service. Ask your friends and colleagues about the best plumbers in your area. Look at the projects they have completed and also talk with their past clients.

Should you do it yourself or hire professional plumber?

Although you can also install a new shower drain on your own, it is good to hire a professional plumber. The plumber will access your home and come up with the best solution that will not only save your money but will give a long lasting solution. Installing a new drain involves making critical decision on the kind of material that will be used and also other critical decisions. A professional plumber has all the skills required to ensure the installation is completed in the best way possible.