The Cost of Installing a Bathtub


Installing a bathtub is a superb way to give your bathroom a new appearance. The fact that your bathroom is a very important part of your house and that it can determine the resale value of your home, makes the bathroom a very important room that every homeowner. Many homeowners have recognized the importance of a bathtub in their bathroom. Fortunately enough, bathtubs come with different sizes and makes, you can perfectly choose one that will meet your needs. With the right plumber, installing bathtub should not be expensive. Although a bathtub provides a great addition to the bathroom, installation cost is not always cheap.

The Cost of Installing a Bathtub

The cost of installing will depend on the size of tub you want to install, the make, and the service provider you will hire. Some of the costs you are likely to have included are:

  • The cost of purchasing the tub.–The cost of a new bathtub is around $200 to $600 but can also go as high as $3000 depending on the size, material used, and special features. Generally, steel and fiberglass are inexpensive while ceramic and iron tubs are more expensive because they can keep heat longer and are more durable. A ceramic-coated or a cast iron tub can cost as low as $250 but can go as high as $3000 depending on the size and dimensions.
  • Installation cost.–Most licensed plumbers will charge $500 to $750 to install a free standing bathtub. If the water pipes or drains need to be moved or replaced, the price might increase up to $845 to $1100 or even higher depending on whether the ceiling will be opened to access the pipes.
  • For a wall-to-wall bathtub, the cost will range from $600 to $650. The cost will also depend on the material. The labour cost might increase by 20% to 30% depending on the material.
  • The size of the bathtub.–To make sure you don’t waste money only buy a bathtub that perfectly fits into the bathroom.
  • The cost will also depend on the plumber you will hire. Although you can install bathtub on your own, it is very important to hire a professional plumber. Installing a bathtub is not an easy task; it requires an experienced and knowledgeable plumber.

Generally, the cost of bathtub installation ranges from $490 to $1450 give or take the other factors in the installation. When hiring a plumber, it is very good to check for their experience.