Symptoms of a Wet Basement


The problem with a wet basement is not only your basement looking and smelling nasty, but because of this, the value of your home can be decreased quite easily too. If you leave a wet basement untreated, it can create problems like growing of mold, damaging of roofing and ruining of walls and floors. Thus, it is very essential that you quickly solve this very problem.

Out of the many methods used to take care of the nuisance of a wet basement, is waterproofing. Waterproofing has been proven to be one of the most effective solutions to this problem. If you go for ground waterproofing then both sealers and drainage will be included. For effective control over hydrostatic pressure, basement waterproofing is a must.

Signs of wet basement

Of course if you see water in your basement you will know you have a problem. However there are several signs that your basement is wet, without actually seeing any water. Here some of the signs of a wet basement.

  • Musty and Damp smell – Because of this problem of a wet basement, there is a presence of excessive moisture. Thus as a result, you will notice that the basement has a damp and musty smell.
  • Mold – Because of the excessive moisture, without a doubt soon mold will be formed. Not only it is hazardous but it happens to be unsightly too. If you see that there are mold in your basement, it is very much may be because of wet basement.
  • Water stains – Are there water stains on your wall or floor, but you cannot seem to find the source of them? Then in such a case, it may be because of wet basement.
  • Efflorescence – In your basement if you happen see powder like substances on your walls or floors, which happens to be of grey or white in color, then you have efflorescence. Efflorescence is one of the signs of wet basement.
  • Spalling – When water enters natural stone, concrete or brick of the basement, then it results in peeling, flaking off and popping out of the surface. This phenomenon is known as spalling and it is a sign of this very problem.

What you can expect from waterproofing plumber?

If you see any one or all of the above-mentioned signs, then it is very much advisable that you get immediate help from a waterproofing plumber. With the help of such type of plumber you can expect:

  • Evaluation of the cause of wet basement.
  • Sealing of cracks.
  • Washing of walls with the help of solution of concrete.
  • Installation of waterproofing materials.

Now you know how to detect a wet basement and also how you can solve the problem with waterproofing. So, take the help of a professional waterproofing plumber to get the benefits of protection of the foundation of your home, safeguarding of your personal items, maintain the value of your home and of course prevention from insects, mildew and mold.