Symptoms of Water Heater Problems


A water heater is something that is taken for granted and forgotten about until it fails to work. If you learn how to spot problems before they become serious and do regular maintenance on your water heater and avoid serious problems and the cost of replacing your water heater.

Symptoms of water heater problems 

Different problems show different symptoms. If you notice any symptoms of water heater problems, you should always try and respond quickly to avoid total failure of your water heater. Here are some of the symptoms of water heater problems:

  • The heater takes too long before it can heat the water–This is a symptom of the water heater filaments failing. If you notice this problem you should check on the settings of the water heater thermostats. They may have been set too low hence heating water slowly. If they are set too low, then you can just rest them for you to have the heater working normally.
  • The heater fails to heat water all of a sudden–tripping of the circuit breaker in the water heater may cause this. The first step that you should take after you notice this problem is to turn on the circuit breaker. In case there is no change even after turning on the heater, then you can consider replacing the heating filament.
  • Dirty water coming out of the heater tank–Sometimes sediments may be formed in the water heater tank. This will lead to corroding the tank hence making it to release dirty water. In order to get rid of the symptom, you can clean the tank and get rid of the sediments that may have formed.
  • Water with bad odor comes out of the water heater tan–This is a symptom of dirty sediments that have formed in the tank. You can get rid of them after you decide to flush the tank. In case you do not know how to flush the hot water tank, you can always hire a professional for the services.

If you don’t have the skills needed to do these things you will want to call a professional to investigate your problem and correct it. Although you will have to pay them for their work, it may be worth it for the peace of mind you will get from knowing the water heater has been repaired correctly.