Sump Pump Maintenance


A sump pump is a pump that is used in homes to remove unwanted water. It can be made out of plastic or cast iron. You can buy the sump pump and install it in your home after following the installation manual that comes with it or, contract a waterproofing contractor to help you.

Most pumps came with an alarm that will sound as the water begins to backup, which signals to you that the pump is not working. To keep this from happening you need to do some regular maintenance on your sump pump.

  • In places that are damp, the sump pumps that use electricity can trip the breaker often. You should always check and make sure this has not happened.
  • The electric sump pump is made so that it will start automatically after water enters its bucket. You should pour in a bucket of water monthly to be sure the pump is going to start automatically.
  • If your pump has a battery backup in case of power outages, you should replace the battery regularly.
  • The vibrations of the pump can sometimes make it fall over. You need to make sure it is standing up right.
  • If your pump is submersible you need to lift it out of the sump and clean off any gravel or other debris that may be clogging the bottom of the pump.
  • In order to ensure the pump is able to pump water out of the sump, it should have inlet line and outlet lines that are free from obstructions. When maintaining the pump you should check on the lines and unclog them if necessary.

No matter what types of sump pump you have a bit or regular maintenance should help keep your pump working correctly for a long time to come. If for some reason your pump is not working don’t hesitate to call in a certified plumbing contractor for help.