Sump Pump Installation: What’s Involved?


A sump pump is a pump that is very useful in draining flood water from your basement. The pump starts automatically when water enters its sump. It derives power from your electrical connections, although some have a battery back-up system. There are many types of sump pumps available; some can be available in cast iron materials while others can be made out of plastic casings.

Signs you need a sump pump

  1. You can decide to have a new sump pump installation after you discover that the one that you have is not working well. The simplest test that you should carry out is to pour water into its sump and see whether it starts automatically. A good sump pump should start after water reaches a certain set level.
  2. If you find out that the sump pump is not starting automatically, and then the electrical connection may be the problem. In such a case you can decide to replace the electrical connection lines or the entire pump

What to expect from a plumber

  1. Usually a plumber will dig a depression where he will place the sump. Remember the sump pump has to be installed in the floor where it will easily collect flood water. To install it in the basement, the plumber will have to dig the concrete floor. Of course, if you are replacing an old pump, the sump will not have to be dug unless it was not in the correct place in which case it will need to be moved.
  2. The next step will be digging trenches that will lead water from the sump pump to the local water ways. Remember the sump will be pumping water out of your house into the pipes for them to lead the water outside.
  3. The final step will involve connecting the sump pump to the pipes that will draw water from the sump. After connecting all the pipes, the plumber will have to repair the floor around the sump.

A sump pump is very necessary in a home with a basement; you will never know when floods will occur. The best way for you to ensure that you are protected against floods is to hire a professional plumber to install a sump pump. Inspecting the sump pump regularly is also necessary for you to ensure you avoid cases where you will assume your sump pump is working only to be surprised when your basement gets flooded with water.