Is Sump Pump an effective basement flooding solution?


You will find the sump pump is very useful in ensuring your basement does not flood. The pump is designed to sit in a pit which collects water. After water reaches a certain level the pump starts automatically. You will also find the pump very useful in case your main drain system fails all over a sudden. This is because the pump will start automatically and empty the water from your house.  In order to ensure you enjoy long services out of the sump pump, you should always install a durable brand. There are many brands available in the market hence you should take your time and decide on the best.

What can cause the sump pump to fail?

  1. Loose connection cables -The sump pump will make use of electricity to run. If the power cable that connects your sump pump to the power supply is cut, then you will risk floods in your home because the pump will not start automatically after the house has started flooding with water. You can easily know whether the cables are working well after you pour some water into the sump and see how it behaves.
  1. Blocked inlet and outlet lines of the pump – The sump pump will be able to pump water out of your house through suction. The water will be sucked through its inlet pipe and emptied through an outlet pipe. If the two pipes are clogged, then the pump may fail to protect you against possible floods.

How to Ensure Your Sump Pump is Very Effective

  1. Maintain the sump pump regularly – In order to ensure the pump is able to work you should have it regularly maintained. This should involve dismantling the pump and inspecting the individual parts.
  2. Ensure all the inlet and outlet pipes are free from obstructions -You can easily know this after you decide to pour water into the sump pump and watch whether the water is pumped out. If there are clogs, which have formed, then you should remove them.
  3. Ensure the power connection is complete – Because the sump pump will be installed in your basement, there are many factors that can lead to disconnection of the pump. A regular check on the cables will ensure the power keeps the pump working.

By choosing the correct type of pump, ensuring that the pump is installed correctly, and doing regular maintenance, your home will stay flood free for years to come.