Storm Drain Replacement


Storm drains are very important in maintaining the environment in a clean and safe state. Storm drains are used to drain all the excess water that arises from heavy down pour and in draining underground water. They have an inlet and outlet that makes the drainage of excess water possible. This maintains the streets and pavements clear of excess dirty water. This is why it is important to have storm drain replacements if need be in order to ensure that the storm drain system is working properly.

When a storm drain fails to perform as required and there are no repairs that can be done to fix the problem, this means it is time to replace your storm drain. There are several steps involved in storm drain replacement.

• Dig a trench that is parallel to the foundation.

The trench you dig ought to be parallel to the foundation of your house but ensure the trench is a few inches away from the foundation of your house. A 6-inch wide trench is the best for a storm drain and should be equal to the length of the side of your house for more efficient results.

• Make the trench deep enough for the whole process.

If your trench is not deep enough, the water may freeze during the winter which is not a good thing. To prevent this, you need to ensure you dig a deep enough trench of about 25 inches deep.

• Lay the pipes.

To lay the pipes, you will need your 45 degree angle and the 90 degree angle as well. The importance of the 45 degree angle is to enable you to join the pipes at the corners while the 90 degree angle enables you to direct the pipes towards the gutter system.

• Document the results and procedure.

Once the pipes have been placed successfully, the next step is to ensure that every step is documented and a photograph of the system is also taken. This will enable you to detect the cause of any future problems to make repairs easy.

• Fill the ditch.

The final step is to fill up the ditch with gravel around the pipes and cover this with a layer of dirt. This prevents the dirt from settling too much over the years due to drainage of water. In case you do not have experience in replacing a storm drain, it is highly advisable to seek professional help. This is a professional will ensure everything is done perfectly. This will ensure the survival of your drain storm. If you do it yourself, you may miss some important steps that are crucial in ensuring the storm drain works well.

There are several ways you can locate a professional to replace your storm drain. First and foremost, you can ask a few friends to recommend one. There is also the option of searching online for professionals in your area. Maintaining your storm drain in good condition is also very important to prevent breakdown. You can do this by having a professional service it from time to time.