Sink Repairs & Common Problems


Most home owners encounter sink issues at some point for a number of reasons, some of which are preventable and some of which are not. These reasons include blockages, overflow, dripping, leaks, and slow draining, among many others.

There issues may render your kitchen less hygienic and can make the entire house susceptible to various hazards. As such, it’s best to inspect your sink as frequently as possible. That said, most issues will be conspicuous and come with obvious signs. Fixing these problems will require you to have your sink and perhaps some of the plumbing infrastructure repaired.

The Anatomy of a Sink

Sinks can be installed in the bathrooms and laundry areas, but they are more commonly installed in kitchens. They consist of a cleaning platform  that has a curved section. This curved section leads the water to drainage pipes, which join the main plumbing infrastructure set for building drainage. The curving section has a sieve that prevents large particles from penetrating and blocking the pipes.

Common Sink Issues

  • Leaks – These occur when the water starts to leak from pipes that connect to the sink or from the  joint at which the pipe connects to the curved bowl. As the leak continues, it damages the pipe and the moisture attracts various parasites and bacteria. As time goes on,  the water causes the joint to loosen and the leak gets worse.
  • Drips – Like leaks, drips can also come from the joints and pipe surfaces. They may be caused by poor counters that allow water to penetrate and drip from the bottom.
  • Slow draining – This is mainly caused by blockages in the pipes and drainage channels. The blockages reduce drained volume per given time, which ultimately slows down draining speed.

Prevention and Professional Sink Repair

It is always tempting to try and fix sink issues alone. However,  such attempts often worsen the situation. If you rent your home, trying to fix the sink on your own might even expose you to lawsuits.  Furthermore, sink issues can lead to infections and may pollute indoor spaces when mold, pests, and parasites become attracted to the extra water.

As such, it’s important to consult a professional plumbing company to handle sink repair or replacement. Hiring a professional is protects the health of everyone in your home and will keep you on your landlord’s good side. An experienced company that offers professional sink repair services utilizes protective garments and take all the necessary steps to prevent further damages, overflows, and health hazards.

Such companies are also experienced in troubleshooting the entire plumbing system to determine where certain sink issues stem from. Last but not least, their professional and technical know-how is backed by experience, which puts them in a better position to repair sink issues.

Sink issues can be prevented by ensuring correct installation and keeping things clean. Avoid washing off food particles in the sink, dry the area after use, and conduct frequent checks to ensure there are no leaks or mold.

In Conclusion

Sink issues are very common and can happen even with the most sophisticated designs or drainage plans. It is always wise to use a professional repair service in order to effectively fix sink issues and prevent health hazards or further damage. That said, frequent inspection is still the best way to prevent sink problems.