Overflowing or Backing Up Sink?

One of the things that can ruin a day up is a backed up drain. Debris and material from our washing can get clogged in various drains around the house or there could be a problem with the system. Either way, it is not a very pleasant thing to have happen to you. The good news is that it can be fixed, either by calling a professional, or getting your work gloves and getting to work.

Causes of Drain Blockage

A backed up sink is easy to spot. The water from the tap is supposed to drain naturally and without any help. It is NOT supposed to come back up the drain. However, a blocked sink will stop draining water past a certain amount and cause the drain to overflow, or water could simply start coming up the drain from another water utility like the bath or the washing machine.
Very many things could cause a backed up sink. It is important to know what is causing the blockage in your sink or the water overflow in order to start fixing it. Before we explore sink backups, common overflow reasons may be:

  • Blocked Drain – In a kitchen sink, the cause of overflow could be a blocked drain. This can easily be fixed if you know how to undo and return the pipes under your sink to check them for blockage and/or remove the blockage in question.
  • Garbage Disposal Problems – If the materials that go down the garbage disposal are too difficult for the unit to deal with, they may cause a blockage that may be causing the back up in the drains.
  • Other water utilities – Several utilities like the bath, toilet and sink share the same drainage. If the shower or bath or toilet has a blockage it could be the cause of a backed up sink. Otherwise, it could be the washing machine or the dishwasher.

Fixing a Blocked Sink

Fixing these problems can be easy or difficult and it is important to know what you are doing before you begin.

  • Use a Plunger – This is a quick and easy fix for a blocked sink. Pour a little water down the drain just until it begins to overflow into the sink. Place the mouth of the plunger over the drain and pump a few times. Pull the plunger away from the drain and the water should drain away. For a double sink, make sure to place a wet cloth over one of the drains before you begin plunging.
  • Checking your pipes – This is also a relatively simple method of clearing your drains especially in the kitchen sink and also especially if the plunger doesn’t work. Unscrew and take apart your pipes and check for any blockages you can remove. If you still cannot find the problem, you may need to call in a professional.
  • Call a plumber – A professional can help you clear your blockages permanently if there is a much bigger problem and especially if you don’t know what you are doing. Before you can cause much more damage than necessary, it would be wise to ask an expert.

Maintenance of a sink is not difficult as all that. Most utilities like the garbage disposal or the dishwasher come with distinct instructions, which should be followed to avoid something like this. As for blocked drains, it is always advisable that if you cannot quickly fix it yourself, you call a plumber.