Sink Backing Up Into a Shower: Causes and Solutions


Backing up of the sink occurs because it cannot drain through the pipes. Water will find the easiest route to travel so if the drain is blocked it will find another place to go, and sometimes that place is the toilet, shower, washing machine or other open pipes.

Luckily enough, there are a number of drain cleaning solutions which can prevent sink back ups. Some of the problems that you may experience with a backing up sink include:

Some signs of a clogged drain include:

Once you empty your sink, it usually backs up to the bathtub or shower

The drains begins to make quite strange gurgling sounds

Your sink drains very slowly; leaving water standing for a long time while it tries to drain out.

You may also see other situations such as water coming out of the tub drain when you flush the toilet, or the washing machine water coming into the tub or sink.

The most common cause of this problem is the pipes getting clogged inside by hair, grease or large items that won’t fit down the drainpipe.

Sometimes when your drain lines are not draining correctly, the problem might be with old pipes. Old pipes that are made of iron or metals will corrode with time and build up a layer of rust, reducing the ability for the pipe to drain.

Soakaway or septic tank problems

A soakaway or septic system, is simply a pit that is filled with rocks or rubble. This is actually where the waste goes and ultimately soaks away in the ground. Septic systems, or soakaways are usually found in rural areas that are too far from the city sewage system to be of benefit.

Another cause of this problem is the use of chemicals. They tend to solidify in the drain line where they crystallize and aggravate the blockage.

Solution to this problem

Use a plunger- Using a plunger may help to relieve the clog is it is not too deep. Remember to plug the shower drain before you plunge the sink so that the water does not have an escape route.

Clean the trap – Simply remove the trap underneath the sink in order to try clearing the blockage. Also, make use of a plumber’s snake or even a wire coat hanger to simply poke down and also break apart the mass.

Call professional draining cleaners – in case you have persistent or recurring clogs, thick grease blockages or invasive root growth, you may call these professionals. Don’t continue to poke and push with the snake as you could push the clog further into the drain and cause more damage.

Blocked sinks may cause bad odors and hence discomfort in the house, as well as the inconvenience of having no way to drain the wastewater. You can help to prevent some problems by maintaining your drains regularly. And when you have a clog too big for you to resolve be sure to call a licensed, trustworthy plumber with the correct knowledge and tools to get the job done.