Shut-Off Valve Installation


You shouldn’t have to turn off the water to the whole house just to work on a cracked spigot, yet that is precisely what numerous homeowners must do since they don’t have individual shutoff valves introduced under every sink. If you’re confronted with these same circumstance, you should think about putting a valve on every water supply line in your home The valves won’t just permit you to close off the water to one sink without upsetting the stream to others, they will be a speedy approach to turn off the water in the occasion of a surge created by, for example, a broke fitting or burst supply tube. Adding shutoff valves to a current sink is a basic, skill that many homeowners can deal with alone.

Two Conditions, Two Valves

There are two styles of pressure valve generally utilized as a part of sink hookups. The one you need depends on how your plumbing is hooked up. If the water funnel enters the sink through the back divider of the vanity, or the wall, a right-edge stop valve is needed to make the 90-degree turn to the spigot.

  • When the pipe enters through the floor, no turn is required so a straight-stop valve is utilized.
  • You should likewise consider the kind of pipe that supplies water to the sink. If it’s made of 1/2-in. unbending copper, you’ll require a layering fitting to unite the valve.
  • When the funneling is strung excited iron, utilize a valve that has female iron-channel strings. Note that edge and straight-stop valves are accessible for both copper and iron channeling.

Installing the Valve

  1. The first step will be to turn off the water to the whole house at the meter. At the place where you want to install the valve you will need to open the sink or tub fixture to drain the pipe. Some water may stay in the framework, so keep a little container convenient.
  2. Next, a wrench will be used to disconnect the water supply at the place you want the valve. The cut off valve will be installed and the water turned back on.
  3. Make sure to check that there is no leaking before declaring the valve complete.

Mounting a shutoff valve is not difficult if you have some basic plumbing skills. However the cost of hiring a professional may save you some worry in the future as you will be assured that the work has been done correctly and won’t leak.