What is the Best Type of Shower?


There are many types of showers available on the market today. Of course you have to find a shower that will fit into the area you have available. You may want to select something that is economical or you may go with a more modern look.

Types of Showers

  • Digital showers

These are showers made out of great designs which will enable you to enjoy a shower that is of the state of the art technology. The shower has a panel that you will use to control the flow of water and temperature while in the shower room. You can decide to install the shower so that it will deliver hot water from a wall or the ceiling. The digital showers are available in either mixer types or in electric versions.

  • Electric showers

The electric showers will draw cold water and heat it according to your preferences. You can decide not to switch on the heating filament and take cold showers. They are very easy to install and they will enable you to enjoy great economy while making use of them. This is because they use power with great efficiency.

  • Mixer showers

The showers can draw water from both hot and cold supplies. They are ideal in a home that has a super-hot water supply. The hot and cold water is mixed in the unit after which it is delivered to the shower head. You can decide to install a fixed head or an adjustable shower head on the units.

  • Power showers 

These draw water from both hot and cold supplies but they have a pump to boost the flow of water. They mix the water before delivering to the shower head.

  • Eco showers

These are showers that focus on water efficiency. They are available in both electric and mixer variations. They will save you a lot on water after you decide to install them.

  • Free Standing Showers

You can choose to tile your wall, pour a floor and put in your shower or you can go a more economical route and add a freestanding shower to your bathroom. This type of shower is pre-made with sides and floor and is just set into the room and the plumbing hooked up.

No matter what type of shower you feel if right for your home, you should probably get the help of a professional plumber to hook up the water and drains to avoid any problems in the future. With their experience the shower can be installed quickly and correctly.