Shower Replacement: Hire a Plumber or DIY?


The shower is an important part of your bathroom but, like anything else in your home, it will eventually deteriorate, become outdated, and need to be replaced. If you to do it yourself, make sure you prepare everything ahead of time. It’s important to start with all the necessary supplies and equipment in order to replace your old shower with the new one easily.

If you don’t have time to replace it, you can also hire a professional plumber. There are many benefits to hiring a plumbing company such as reliable service, stress-free appliance replacement, and warranties, among other things. The only drawback to hiring a plumber is that they aren’t free. Unless money is really tight, however, it’s probably the best choice for most of us. This article will illustrate the two methods: DIY and hiring a professional plumber. You can choose the method of shower replacement that will give you peace of mind.

Do-It-Yourself Method

1. Turn off the water valve

When you are planning to replace your old shower, you should turn off the water valve. If necessary, turn off the whole drain system in your home. This step is important and will help you avoid serious problems in the future. When you turn off the water valve, you will also be able to work faster.

2. Remove all parts of your old shower

You need to remove all parts of your old shower before you can install a new unit in your bathroom. Make sure that you remove all shower fixtures and drain parts. Don’t forget to remove the shower head from the shower arm. You also need to disconnect the flex hose from the water knobs. You can unscrew the setscrew to remove these water knobs from your shower system. Unscrew all unnecessary pipes and other plumbing systems from your old shower.

3. Clean the drainpipe

After you remove your old shower, you should clean the drainpipe properly. This pipe may have accumulated some unwanted impurities, such as sand and stones. When you clean this drainpipe, you can improve the overall function of your drain system. A good drain system is necessary to enjoy all the features of your new shower. You can get rid of harder to remove impurities using a knife.

4. Install your new shower system

You need to install the various parts of your shower system, including the knobs, shower arm, and shower-head. When you buy the best shower set, you will have all important accessories easily.

5. Test for leaks

This is another important step that you should take so you can replace your shower by yourself. You should turn on the water valve immediately, so you can check for leaks  in the system. Make sure that your shower works without causing any leaks. After this, your shower will be ready for daily use.

Hire Your Favorite Plumber

You can also hire a reliable plumber for replacing your old shower with a new unit. There are some professional plumbers in your area today. They are able to give you  a shower installation service these days. This service is very useful and can save a lot of your time so you can install the best shower for your bathroom easily. Here are some benefits that are provided by this service.

1. Save your time

This is one of the most important benefits from this service. You are able to save a lot of your time when you use this service. Your favorite plumber is going to handle all important steps for replacing your old shower with the new one. If you are busy with your own activities, you can consider using this option to save a lot of your time.

2. Avoid trial and error activities

When you hire a professional plumber, you can also reduce the trial and error activities during the installation process. You can reduce the risks of damaging your property, especially when you want to replace your old shower easily. A professional plumbing service company usually does this installation service. This company will have some reliable plumbers who know how to install your shower accurately.

3. Find the best shower

It is possible for you to consult with your plumber about the best shower for yourself. You can compare some available products before choosing the right one for yourself. Some plumbers also offer their high quality products for all customers. It is very easy to find the best shower that has all important features for yourself.

Replacing your old shower with the new one should not be a difficult task to perform. You should be able to install your new unit in your bathroom easily. This new shower is very useful in helping you enjoy your own bathroom. Make sure that you choose a durable shower, so that you can use this unit for a long time. If you do it yourself, don’t forget to follow the instructions in order to reap all the benefits from your new shower.