Shower Liner or Tiled Shower Ensuite


If you’re one of those people who are concerned about saving a good amount of cash on their bathroom remodeling, then there are a lot of things that you should consider. For instance, would you opt for a shower liner or would you rather utilize a tile shower instead. Though, truth be told, most remodelers would usually choose a tile shower instead of liners. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that it applies to everyone. It’s still important to pay attention to the advantages of each in order to determine which one would be better.

Shower Liners

So, what are shower liners? Shower liners are the new “skins” for a bathtub, walls, or shower pan. They’re usually installed over the existing shower or tub and nothing needs to be removed before installation. Likewise, the shower liners are made of heave gauge acrylic, that it’s ideal for those who are planning to reline their shower pan or bathtub.

The Advantages of Shower Liners

  • Quick Fix That Is Cheaper–Unlike other methods of remodeling, installing shower liners don’t even require much time and there’s no need to demolish or replace your bathroom. Likewise, even though it’s considered to be a little more expensive than refinishing, it’s still comparatively cheaper than a bathroom remodeling.
  • No Demolition–With a full-bathroom remodel, it’s mandatory to demolish your bathroom, before you could even start. This implies that your shower must be ripped out and the surrounding materials would also get damaged during the process. On the other hand, with shower liners, there’s no need to perform any of these.
  • Tiled Showers
    Shower tiling could be a daunting task, that if you don’t have any background in regard to this kind of installation, it’s always better to call someone or research about the basics first.

The Advantages of Tiled Showers

  • Affordability–Tiles could be very affordable, and ceramic tiles are often the best choice for those budget-conscious individuals because they’re easy to install, inexpensive, and they’re easier to maintain. Aside from that, tile showers are available in several colors and styles, that the possibilities are endless. Shower tiles last for years and they could also resist stains as well as moisture. As a matter of fact, if properly maintained, it could even last for a lifetime.
  • Maintenance–Shower tiles are easier to maintain as compared to shower liners. Additionally, most tiles don’t even require a lot of maintenance and routine cleaning would do. You just need to wipe up the walls with a sponge and a quick wet mop, to clean the area.

In the last decade, several bathroom-remodeling companies have started offering alternative materials for those customers who are thinking of remodeling their bathroom. Unfortunately, not all types of materials act the same– that’s the reason why it’s important to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of each.