Shower Drains: Care and Maintenance


A shower drain is one very important part of the bathroom design system as it is only through this fixture that all the water gets out of the house and avoids wetting other parts of the house that are not supposed to be wet at all. Your shower is important both as a design feature and as a functional fixture. As a design feature, shower drains can be designed with covers that are so attractive that it boosts how your shower room looks. As a functional feature shower drains keep your rooms from flooding.

There are several things you can do to prevent problems:

  • You can pour a gallon of boiling water down your drain every month or so. This will help loosen any gunk that may have accumulated in the pipe.
  • You can also spend about $5-$10 on a hair catcher, or drain cover. This is a little plastic or metal cover that sits over the drain and keeps hair and other things from going down the drain
  • You can make it a habit to brush your hair immediately before you get in the shower. This will break out any hair that you may be losing, before it can go down the drain.
  • You can also use a drain cleaner, such as Draino, on a regular basis to prevent clogs

If you do encounter a clog, you have two options repairing it yourself or calling a specialist to do it for you. These two options really depend on where the blockage has occurred. If it just at the entrance point of the shower drain, you can just do it yourself by removing whatever it has blocked it and if the blockage is in the main drainage system, then you need to look for the services of a plumbing firm near you and have it done at a fee