Shower Drain Installation


Installing a new shower drain is not an easy task. It requires a very experienced plumber to ensure that water in the bathroom will be trapped and drained away easily. The worst thing that can happen is when the shower drain fails to collect that water and end up messing up your bathroom. This is why an experienced plumber is required to do this job. This is a task require special tools and other implements that are necessary to ensure that a perfect job has been done. Here are some of these requirements that are involved in the whole process of installing a new shower drain.

  • New shower drain – this may be the new shower pan that you are planning to install and it should be of very high quality to give satisfactory services. The shower comes in several parts that require being joined together one piece after the other to make one complete system.
  • Drain pipe – this is a pipe that is installed during initial construction and it takes water from the shower drain to the main drainage system. Mostly a drainpipe is usually connected to the drainage system that takes wastewater to the septic tank or the main drainage.
  • Jigsaw – this is a special type of a saw that is required cut a hole in the floor for fitting the shower drain. It is worth noting that at this stage, you need to make a hole enough to give room for proper fixing of the shower drain.
  • Alcohol – when you are fitting the different parts of the new shower pan together, some of them like the compression gasket might become sticky to slide in. This requires a substance that will make them slide in easily and alcohol will be perfect for this job.
  • An adhesive – This is a substance that is applied on the under-side of the drain body flange and it helps the newly installed shower drain to stay firmly in position. Adhesive is similar to the common glue and it has the ability to hold the shower drain in position.
  • A drill – this will an important tool especially if you are installing the new shower on a virgin surface. It will be used in drilling the hole for fitting the drainpipe and the new shower drain.
  • Cement – once you have done all the installation work, you must ensure that the new shower drain is firmly held on the floor. This is where the cement is applied gently on the PVC and allowed to cure so that it can hold the new installation firmly.
  • Safety glasses and gloves – these are two things that each plumber should have for the own safety since some of the chemicals like the cement and the adhesive can react badly with the body. Thus, these and other safety equipment are crucial in this exercise.

These are the main tools and implements that are involved while installing a new shower drain. The kind of installation will determine the tool to be used as each job has its unique requirements. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a professional for guidance on what is required to avoid unnecessary waste.