Shower Drain Clogged?


Clogged Shower drain, is one of the minor problems of home owning. Shower drains are normally clogged because of products like soap paper wraps or other waste build up. In some cases if there are kids in the house, clogged shower drains maybe as a result of their toys or even their parts. There are normally more than one ways of having your Shower drain work again, and one of them is calling a professional. Calling a professional to have your clogged Shower drain is no shame, but before you call one, the following are some of the methods to unclog the Shower drain without calling one.

How Do I know that My Shower drain is clogged?

One of the most obvious and common Clogged Shower drain symptom is when more than one plumbing fixture like toilets and other sewer orifices backs up at the same time. This shows that water is not allowed along the drainage system and you need to begin the unclogging process immediately. In rare scenario, a clogged shower drain can behave in such a way that when you are showering, the rate and speed at which water is drained away becomes very slow showing that there is a constriction along the drainage pipes within this plumbing structure.

What causes Shower drain clogs?

There are quite a number of possibilities that causes it and some of them include the following;

  • Toilet Soap Polythene wraps
  • Excessive deposition of soapy fragments on the drainage trunk
  • Soap scum
  • Hair and dead skin accumulation
  • Hard water

How to fix it?

  1. If you are aware that it is just a polythene wrap, then start with a plunger. Remove the sieve if it there and start pushing it using the bathroom plunger, this will create a vacuum and eventually help to unclog it
  2. Push down the plunger without removing it and if you made a good seal, a vacuum should be created to help in sucking out or pushing away the unwanted materials.
  3. Take a bucket full of water and flush the shower drain to confirm that the blockage is gone.

If the problem is a hard object like a toy a snacking method like the one used in toilets can apply. However, if the problem is more serious like a stuck object, then sparing your money to call a professional plumber will be worth it but for less expensive objects, a coat hanger can serve the purpose.

  1. You begin by unwinding the hanger. This should be done in a circular motion so as to make it easy. A coat hanger is made of a long wire and unwinding it will give you a straight wire that you can use for this job. To protect the porcelain, it is advisable that you cover the end of this wire with a cloth.
  2. Feed the wire into the blocked drain opening, twist the wire in circular motion until the wire does not meet any resistance now it is almost done.
  3. If the problem still persists, it is recommendable to open the drainage manhole and check for any possibility of blockage and use the same wire to remove the debris.

If the problem is more serious and you have a shop Vac, then this is the best way to go about a blocked shower drain

  1. Suck all the water on the drainage trunk connected to the shower drain
  2. Make sure the end hose of your Vac is well covered and feed it down the drain channel. Suck it out and the problem should be solved at this point.

How to prevent this?

It is said that prevention is better than cure. The best way to prevent clogging of the shower drain is by regular cleaning, avoid using hard water and make sure that the soap is not wrapped when you are taking to the bathroom.

As it was stated earlier, it is not a bad thing to call a professional. If all the above methods fail, the problem could be sewer line. A good indication of a blocked sewer line is when you are showering and instead of the used water being drained properly, it backs on other components of the drainage system like toilets and other shower rooms hence, for an issue of such a magnitude, calling a drain professional will be worth it.