Sewerage System or Drainage System


There is a big difference between sewerage and a drainage system. The two systems are both used to drain water from homes. In order to have the best drainage system in your home, you should always try and hire experts who will enable you achieve the best drainage or sewerage system.

The difference between a drainage system and a sewerage system is based on the type of water that they carry. In most cases, sewerage system carries dirty water from homes. On the other hand, drainage systems will carry excess water from homes. The water carried in drainage systems is usually excess water from a home. It can be water from rainwater or any other water that is in excess.

Difference Between Sewerage And Drainage

  • Sewage system–Sewerage systems will carry dirty water from a home. The dirty water that will be carried in the sewerage system includes water that will be drained from kitchen sinks, toilets and bathrooms. You should always try and ensure the sewerage systems are well maintained for you to avoid cases where you will end up with dirty water in your home which can expose your family members to dangers of diseases associated with dirty water such as cholera. It is always necessary for you to have regular inspection on your sewerage drainage system so that you will ensure there are no cases where dirty water, which will be carried in the pipes, will spill to the environment, which is very risky.
  • Drainage system–Drainage system is the one that will lead excess water from your home to waterways in your neighborhood. It is always necessary for you to try and have a drainage system that is working well. Failure to maintain good drainage system in your home, it will expose your family members to cases of diseases such as those that can be brought about by mosquitoes. Remember mosquitoes will tend to lay eggs in the stagnant water from where they will end up biting your family members. It is also easy for your home to develop floods in case you fail to maintain good drainage systems. There are both natural and man made drainage systems available, natural drainage systems include rivers and other natural channels. Man made drainage systems include culverts and trenches dug to lead rainwater out of homes. In order to ensure the drainage systems are always working well, you should ensure you remove leaves and other debris that may be deposited in the drainage lines.

Every home needs both sewage and a drainage system to keep their home clean and smelling fresh. If you have any problems with either of these you can contact your local government or plumber to find out where the problem originates and who is responsible for repairs and maintenance.