Sewer Drain Cleanout Installation


Sewer Cleanout Installation: What’s Involved?

The sewer clean-out is the access point consisting of a capped pipe that is placed within a sewer line in order to provide an opening at the ground level. This enables the relevant parties to be able to clean out the sewer blockages that may occur from time to time.

There is a process to installing the sewer clean-out. You should be aware of it in order to appreciate the complexity.

· You need to inquire from the relevant authorities on what the rules pertaining to the sewer clean out installation. There may be building codes that may limit you from using certain plumbing fittings, so you should be careful.

· The first order of business is to identify an area within your property line where the clean out is going to be located. This area should be cleared and left free of debris. There should also be a clean out near the property depending on your location and climate. This clean out may be in the basement, garage and just outside your home.

· You will need to excavate the area you have set apart for the clean-out until you access the main sewer line on one side and the home’s drain line on the other. You may use a backhoe or any other digging tool that will get the work done.

· You will need to cut a section of your existing plumbing from the home and replace it with the clean out parts that you have purchased. Ensure that the new parts face the right direction; otherwise, you will be in for quite a lot of trouble in the near future.

· Where excavations made are deep, using two risers facing opposite directions may be the best option. On the other hand, if you did not have to do a lot of digging, a two-way cleanout may be a good option. Snaking drains in deeper sewers would be a nightmare otherwise.

· When you are done with installing the clean out in your chosen location, take time to fill the space properly in order to protect what is on the inside.

Why you should hire professionals

Sewer clean-out installation is fraught with problems. Locating the right area on which to dig may not be as simple as it looks. Some sewer lines are also quite deep, which may force you to use a large excavator to get the work done. In addition, if you install the clean out fittings in the wrong way, you will soon have blockages within your drainage line. Before you know it, there will be plenty of sewage right at your doorstep.

Your best chance of keeping your sewer lines clear is to hire professionals. They will know how far to dig, what fittings to use, and how to install your sewer clean out properly. The money you pay for their services will save you countless sewer-related headaches in the future.