Replacing the Main Water Pipe in Your Home


The main water pipe is the one that supplies water to all water utilities in your home. It brings the water in while the main drain pipe takes the water away. Replacing a main water pipe is a major job,  not a job you would want to do yourself. You will want to hire a professional plumber for this. Your plumber should be able to walk you through all these steps and give you quotes for the job beforehand. Since it is such a tedious job and it involves a major part of your utility service, it may cost quite a bit but it is well worth it in the end. Get a skilled professional who will do the best job for your pipes.

Why Main Water Lines need to be Replaced

  • The line is too old and is damaged
  • The line does not function properly. (Such as clogs or vandalism.)
  • The pipe is made of a material that is not longer accepted

Steps Taken when Replacing the Main Water Pipe

The first thing the plumber will do is take a look at what is going to be involved in your particular job and give you quotes. Then he will turn off the water and expose the pipe inside the house where the main water pipe begins. A trench is also dug outside the house following the water main to the end of the property to uncover the old pipe then remove it and replace it with the new  one. If there is a duct that leads the pipe put of the house, this makes the work a bit easier. The new pipe be put down the duct. If insulation is needed, that will be placed where the duct begins. A regulation seal will go over the duct and the pipe cut where you want your stop tap placed (the one that controls your water).

The new pipe will be secured on both ends and a stop tap will be placed on the end in the house. Next, they will test your pipe for any leaks.

Finally he will cover up the holes. This may include cementing the hole inside the house and replacing the soil in the trench outside. The  water company will send an inspector to view the work.

By hiring a reputable plumber do the job and the water company approve the work you will be insured that you will have a supply of good, clean water back into your home.