Replacing the Wax Ring on my Toilet


A wax toilet ring is placed under the toilet when it is installed. This wax ring seals the drain so that no water leaks onto the floor. It also helps keep the toilet in place. It is not unusual for older toilets to need a ring replacement.

If you notice dirty water around the base of your toilet then its probably time to replace your ring. If your toilet rocks when you sit on it, you will also need to replace the ring.

What is Involved in Replacing Your Wax Ring

  1. Removing the old wax ring—While wearing gloves, the plumber will first, loosen the bolts that hold the toilet to the floor. This is sometime difficult due to the bolts being in place for so long. The bolts may even be rusted.
  1. Now he can see the old wax ring. Because the wax has been sitting in position for a long period of time, it will be very hard. In order to remove it the plumber will use a knife and scrap it off. Using mineral spirits will make it easier for the plumber to remove the entire ring.
  1. Placing a new toilet wax ring into position—The new wax ring will be placed over the drain and the toilet on the wax. Using some simple adjusting.the plumber will ensure the ring has fitted well before replacing the toilet.
  1. Return the toilet into position–After replacing the wax ring, the next step will be to return the toilet into position. In order to ensure the toilet is able to seat into its position in the right way, the plumber will place it into position then screw it through use of the screws that he will insert into the screw holes. After the screws have been tightened, the plumber will apply a tape to ensure the wax is watertight.

Replacing your toilet’s wax ring is pretty simple. The trickiest part is making sure the ring does not leak. If you have any plumbing experience at all you can probably do this task yourself. Either way a loose ring needs to be replaced before there is any damage done to your flooring.