How Much Does It Cost to Replace Your Water Heater


A water heater is something no home can do without. It keeps your water warm by pumping water inside of itself, heating it up, and then sending it out to your residence. They are either gas or electric powered, and come either with a tank, or tankless, each of which has their own benefits and disadvantages. Tankless variations take up less space but sometimes have problems heating a large volume of water as quickly as the tanked variety. Replacing a water heater is costly but it can also be quite dangerous if you don’t have the right knowledge

Potential risks:

Old gas water heaters are known to leak, which is a health risk, while the electric heater’s insulation degrades which leads them to have a higher chance of explosion. To be safe you should replace your water heater around every 8 to 12 years even if you are not having any problems

How should you begin?

Hiring a contractor for this job can range very highly in cost, $300-$3,000 or sometimes even more depending on the circumstances. The important things are the size of the tank, repair costs to meet building code, length of your warranty, condition of the hookups, additions of outlets or pipes, and installation itself.

Doing it yourself will cut one of these costs out of the equation, the contractor’s pay, which means you must inspect the building, research code, get all the components you need, and install it all yourself. It will be very costly and unsafe.

On average, be ready to pay $600-$800 if you do it yourself or $800-$1100 if you hire a contractor.

In Conclusion:

  • Hire reputable contractors and buy quality parts, a water heater can endanger your home/family.
  • If your current heater is very old the area may be damaged and require a lot of work which incurs additional cost. Do this before bringing in professionals and only if researched/safe.

This job can be done alone, but the cost of getting a contractor to assist you is small compared to the total cost.

When it comes to installation, you can sometimes just go to the place you expect to purchase the water heater, and for an additional fee they will provide the installation. You can find plumbers that are in your area by have reviews from other people like you. Ask your professional for an estimate to make sure the cost and can fit your budget! So remember to replace your water heater if it’s getting too old, before it lands you in hot water.