Should I Replace or Repair my Chipped Sink?


Accidentally dropping a heavy pan on your sink may not be a big deal until you realize that that little accident left a chip. Thereafter follows that sinking feeling when you realize that you will either have to live with the unsightly chip or take appropriate measures to rectify the situation.

  • Cracked Sink–If whatever caused the chip compromised the sink and led to a crack you may have to just count your loses and invest in a new sink as a crack may grow and get worse with time. With a chip however, you can make some repairs that will leave the chip almost invisible.
  • Repair Kit–You can buy an enamel repair kit such as Nick Fix, at your local hardware store for less than $25. These come in many colors so you can match your sink. Following the instructions that come with the kit, you can repair the sink in just a few minutes. It is recommended that you not use the sink for a couple of days after the application. After it dries you won’t be able to tell it was ever cracked.

What Cost to Expect

If you decide to replace the sink, the cost will vary due to many things. You can buy a simple bathroom sink for less than $100, or you may want a more modern look or a larger sink, in which case you may pay up to $200. If the sink is a kitchen sink, you are talking considerably more. Just purchasing a kitchen sink can run from $200- $1200, depending on they type of sink you choose.

Then of course, you will pay labor cost, which varies depending on where you live. You can expect the labor to take from two to three hours, depending on whether you need to connect a garbage disposal, dishwasher, etc.

Because the procedure for repairing is pretty easy to follow and much less expensive, you should opt for repairing it if possible. It will also save you the cost and hassle that comes with sink replacement especially if your sink is almost new or you had no plans of replacing your sink. And you sink will look like it was never chipped.